Mont-serrat, -serrat -whatever will be will be, will be …….

”We were going to Wemberlee , mont-serrat, -serrat. ”- All together now you know the chorus

I’ve had a couple of run ins with Montserrat now what with our Lyle’s injury and the fact that I took the family on our first ( and last) boating experience around the island the week its Volcano exploded. We didn’t see the sun because we spent the week covered in ash. I’m really beginning to think the island’s got it in for me.

Now I’m certainly not keen to upset any of my Montserrattian readership ( and certainly not our hero, Lyle) , but am I the only one who kind of feels that our Lyle ought not to be spending his time playing for a country with a population of 5,215 people.

I think if I was Uncle Roland, our much loved, benevolent and slightly quirky owner – I might be asking a few questions of the wisdom and value of Lyle’s jaunts to a lovely part of the Eastern Caribbean

now once again ………..mont-serrat – serrat …………………………..