Is Gareth Bonkers ?

On the last few England games, I end up shouting at the TV, the current centre half pairing of Maguire and Keane is rubbish

I assume that Gomez is not playing because Matip is keeping him out of the Liverpool 1st team. However, Gomez should be playing alongside someone ( probably Maguire)

Was I mistaken or didn’t Gomez completely wrap up Neymar when England played Brazil at Wembley. This whole nonsense about not playing for your club team has been consistently debunked as cobblers by successions of Wales, N Ireland, Eire teams not to mention most of the other European teams.

Gareth – for heavens sake – pick Joe Gomez NOW

One thought on “Is Gareth Bonkers ?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Should Ryan Giggs not to play Gareth Bale because his game time at Real Madrid is limited under Zidane? Plus Everton are not exactly pulling up trees at the moment are they…..

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