Death, Taxes and Losing to Millwall

These are the 3 things in life that all Charlton fans can be sure of. I’ve been a supporter since 1966 and we have been losing to Millwall consistently home and away when I was a child, a teenager, a newly married person , a thrusting young executive, a new dad, in middle age and through to grumpy old man. It’s just what always happens, regardless of how good we are and how bad they are.

We have the worst record of any London team than any other team in any other London Derby

Who knows why – but for peace of mind it’s probably safer to write the 6 points off, plan your holidays to coincide with the home game and try tonight to think of better days and things that make you happy. I still think we will finish above them in the league.

Watch the Wembley highlights again and let’s hope Portsmouth get back up soon that’s normally one to savour.



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