Heartfelt thanks to Richard Murray

Heartfelt thanks are due to Richard for getting this deal done and acting as the intermediary between Roland and the new owners. Thank God that period of my life is over. If only Roland had employed a proper intelligent football CEO at the start and not that useless muppet, Katrien Meire we might have spent the last few years in the Premiership and he would not have lost millions. The biggest single mistake he made was employing Katrien who was unqualified, inexperienced and incompetent and pretty much all the misery stemmed from that one catastrophic decision.

To my mind CARD have done a good job, I think Rick Everitt is a fantastic incredibly committed and valuable supporter. I also love Charlton Life which is generally a really informative and interesting forum.

But most of all, I want to thank Richard for getting this deal over the line which I know he has been working on for months and for his tireless work for the club.

He has done great things for the club and given of his time freely and sunk huge amounts of money generously.  I have been going for 50 years and the only really decent team we’ve ever had in that time was the young fish costa fortune – Stuart , kinsella, Parker, Jensen, johanssen , Bartlett, Kiely , Pringle, Kishishev, Murphy, Smertin,Holland ,Hreidarsson, Perry, Lisbie- the list is fairly long and it was a fantastic time. Those great years were created by Richard and Curbs and Peter Varney who was a brilliant CEO , but every other period has been pretty rubbish by comparison. We are due and deserving of a new era.

The guy has stepped down now from the Board but unlike pretty much every other financial backer we have ever had, he will still be there at matches because amazingly despite all the ridiculous and unwarranted abuse he has received , he is a passionate supporter like us.

Let us all hope that with our new owners we have ushered in a new golden age for Charlton and that in my twilight years I can forget Rochdale and Walsall away and look forward to a night at the Nou Camp before I drop dead.

Oh to dream again – how lovely.

Come on all you Addicks ……………peace and love to all , see you tomorrow and let’s start planning for European football ……

5 thoughts on “Heartfelt thanks to Richard Murray

  1. Nice article
    Totally agree on Richard Murray, he does indeed deserve thanks and respect for his unstinting personal and financial contribution to our club, those golden years and the stadium built on the back of them weren’t happening without him – us fans are a fickle bunch and some of the comments elsewhere I’ve read on him are truly saddening (and some I’m afraid CARD emanated)
    Anyway, as for European football, great to dream but I for one would settle for beating our Bermondsey neighbours and closing the gap on the Croydon mob over the next couple oy years, would be a great start
    Here’s to happier days

  2. Lovely article, Richard Murray was unjustly singled out as people forgot what he had done for the club. I really hope we will still him in the directors box supporting the club the undoubtedly love.

  3. Well done Richard you worked unbelievably behind the scenes that supporters don’t see I think all the bad remarks you received from certain supporters was out of frustration you are a top top man at Charlton and always will be thanks for everything

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