Roland’s Right

In the last 4 years I don’t think I’ve ever said that but Roland is right that the EFL need to pull their collective fingers out and approve the Charlton takeover.

Apparently it’s OK to rob every man woman and child in Eastern Europe and get to own a football club but because you are related to someone else who owns another club that’s more of a problem.

How can there not be a definitive timescale to approve the transaction – they should set one now and tell all parties what it is.

The supporters, potential new owners and dare I say it – even Roland -deserve confirmation of a drop dead date from the EFL


2 thoughts on “Roland’s Right

  1. Can’t help feeling this is taking longer because we are in the ‘problem club’ bracket. From Roland’s previous rants at the EFL to our own fans picketing the offices of the EFL. Why rush to help the ‘problem club’ at Christmas… time for some payback.

  2. tex 77 Make you 1000 percent right and the Rat was the one who stated the EFL should buy CAFC and little wonder if anything has made matters worse.
    End of January, even if they say Yeah but a good opportunity for them to say No and after all us proper supporters have gone through hell and back in past years too.

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