Tahnoon Nimer’s ambition for CAFC

Watching the Sky game tonight from Tottenham’s magnificent new stadium, I really hope that Mr Nimers ambition for our club extends to a significant increase in stadium capacity. If funding is available then there could be no bigger sign of ambition than to immediately revive the plan to increase capacity at The Valley to 36,000.

I know we desperately need to retain Championship status this year but more than that we need an owner who has real ambition for the club. This has been lacking for more than a decade now since Peter Varney and Richard Murray worked together in happier times.

If it were me, I’d be looking at a 10 year plan to capitalise on the huge catchment area and demographic increase in South East London and Thames Gateway.

Such an opening statement of ambition would be matched by fan commitment.

Let us hope our new owner has the finance and vision. Build it and they shall come.

3 thoughts on “Tahnoon Nimer’s ambition for CAFC

  1. Your sahndin a bit like Jo Swinson much as I wanted them Lib Dems to do better n defeat the exenophobes.. Yeah well I like it like wot it is, we don’t wanna be a Spurs or Arsenal where you can ardly get a ticket to a game. Least we can get in every week now n I’d rather we didn’t ave an increase meself, there aint nothin wrong with keepin things like wot they are n thass all there is to it. Wot we need is to carry on with the good work wot King Roland started improvin our gaff n trainin grahnd for the players n stayin in the Champs.

    • Exactly, Kate and though agree the RAT’s comments as usual well-timed and yes don’t forget it was him who suggested that the EFL should buy EFL!!
      I have a real fear that this T/O will not go-ahead and EFL will not be rushed, so it will be the end of January and do not know what year either.
      Bows was also 1000 per-cent correct in that ever since he took over this so-called T/O is coming!!!

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