Perpetual Pratley

I don’t know how many Shredded Wheat Darren Pratley tucks away every morning but on the basis of his performance yesterday its got be in double figures.

He was immense yesterday, leadership at its finest. Football, it seems to me, is increasingly a younger and younger mans game. Inevitably our team has been peppered with kids, but its a wider trend too. However, a few like Darren buck the trend and thank  God he does.

The overall performance yesterday was full of fight and resilience, the kids all played their part, Davison in particular bulldozed his way through the Goliath WBA defence. The result felt like a win at full time.

But Darren was my hero- he was absolutely magnificent.

Dynamic Determined Devastating Darren – Take a bow son…

2 thoughts on “Perpetual Pratley

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  2. There aint nothin wrong with us oldies n football is for anyone wotever their age n our olders one are doin really well when they come back from injury so less not single ahrt age on ere.

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