12 days left to avoid the drop ?

There are 12 days left in this transfer window and let us all be clear if we do not get at least 3 or 4 quality new signings in during the period we are very likely to be relegated. I am not a doomsayer, I am expressing a rational position. Our odds on being relegated have shortened to 7/4 and our odds on finishing bottom given our recent run have also shortened to 12-1. The bookies do not work on emotion or sentiment, they price up on statistics and form.

Everyone in football, including us fans, know that acquiring quality players in this window is very difficult but ESI would have known that when they bought the club and I’m sure ( at least I hope) that they would have built in an extra contingency fund for paying over the odds for players in this window. It doesn’t mean that they would have to continue paying over the odds in the summer. I have to say it is a bit worrying when Matt Southall ( who has so far played a PR blinder) told CAST that we didn’t do a deal for a player because he wanted an extra £1k a week. If the bloke had been identified to improve the team it seems like a ‘fiddling at the margin’ decision when the ship’s on fire.

I know we still have Cullen, Taylor and Bonne to return, but injuries are a part of football and you can guarantee that when they come back someone else will be out. Imagine an injury to Phillips, Pratley or Lockyer at the moment. It would be one step forward and one step back. We cant rely on the teams below us continuing to lose.

We all recognise that the club was left in a poor state by Roland and the new owners are universally welcomed but ESI paid a lot of money for the club and if they want to stay in the Championship they are going to have to dig deep financially over the next 12 days or ( God forbid) we will be planning for a return trip to Rochdale next season.

4 thoughts on “12 days left to avoid the drop ?

  1. What a load of crap … even if we don’t buy anyone and buy us the word ( how many deals has there been this Jan ) the injuries will be coming back by Feb 1st .. that’s what will save us not new signings

  2. Very strang that no one come or bowyer wont sign contract just like roland hasn’t left we need a top strike so go get Toney and get cullen dont think Maddison the answer need 2 more defenders another midfielder and a GK Phillips not good enough see if dan Hagg got any loanees now Pardew and Powell in charge

  3. We need to strengthen the team probably 2 loanees to replace Gallagher and Kayal and 3 permanent players. We are short up front with the injuries to Taylor and Bonne, Young Davison is doing a good job with little support. Cullen should be back soon but we need 2 midfielders as Dempsey Morgan and Vennings need more time. I would also like to see 2 defenders one a full back the other a central defender. We do not need a goalkeeper as Amos, Maynard Brewer and Harness are all good cover for Phillips.
    The wage demands of potential signings are a problem because if you pay unproven players more than established players it can cause unrest in the ranks. But Davison and Doughty deserve improved contracts. If Taylor can be persuaded to sign an improved contract that would be great but if not let him run down his contract unless a very good offer comes in.

  4. I think that you don’t pay over the odds until you have no alternatives. It will need to be much closer to the deadline before that happens.

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