More useless Directors arrive at Charlton

In the conveyor belt of useless, incompetent and unqualified Directors, Charlton really take the biscuit. Hot on the heels of impressive entrepreneur Matt Southall, we now have a couple of Romanians ( from the hotbed of European football) to complement our mysterious and probably potless owner Mr Nimer. Do your own research on Romanian football, the decline, the relentless corruption, inappropriate owners etc and it will tell you all you need to know.

Fortunately one of them, Marian Mihail specializes in Aviation law which will come in handy when we are in the 3rd division again where the ball spends most of the time in the air.

Why on earth can’t we have a couple of honest, experienced, trustworthy sensible Brits to serve as Directors

What did we ever do as Charlton fans to deserve this procession of awful owners ?

6 thoughts on “More useless Directors arrive at Charlton

  1. why are you so negative ?
    your attitude is toxic .
    give the guys a chance before you nail them to the wall .
    if you want perfect you will have to wait a long time .

    • I’m not looking for perfect – normal would do – they paid zero for the club don’t own the assets, have so far only taken money out and have already created havoc in their 2 months so far – why would you be anything other than negative ?

      • I agree a shower of s— it looks like we are going no were but down and that’s
        being negative and it rips my heat out to say it.

  2. I’m campaigning to “Buy back the Valley”- with this health (financial) crisis- property values will be dropping like a stone. if 38,000 fans who attended Wembley can donate an average of £658 each we can raise £25 million. Alot of money but we can do it. Portsmouth managed to buy their club. Believe.

  3. Question time : 1/ Has Nimer got the cash yes or no? 2/ How much did he spend to get 65% ownership 3/ Exactly how much are the two new directors earning and what are they bringing to the club? 4/ Have the EFL received confirmation from Nimer he has the funds necessary to run a Championship football club ? If so have they approved? Is that being negative enough?

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