Blame Roland for the mess

The deal that saw Matt Southall and Tahnoon Nimer arrive at The Valley is entirely analogous with the deal that Sir Philip Green did when he sold BHS to Dominic Chappell.

You have a business Charlton (BHS) that is racking up medium and longer term liabilities with no prospect of it ever making a trading profit – you sell it to Dominic Chappell ( Matt Southall) for £1 and inject some funds to tide it over . You then walk away whilst the new owner plunders the bank account which is entirely predictable. In Chappell’s case it was £1.8m in the first 3 months of acquiring control. You’ve all seen Matt Southall’s ‘fees’ for the same period.

When the money runs out ( 13 months in BHS ) and probably sooner at Charlton, you wipe your hands and claim that when you left it, there were adequate funds. The job losses at BHS were 11,000. The fall out at Charlton would be c 100 jobs with 50,000- 100,000 or so devastated and heartbroken fans

If you look at Chappell’s background, he had been made bankrupt 3 times and involved in numerous failed businesses. You can check Matt Southall’s business background for yourself but I don’t think one would consider it to be successful. Frankly who knows about Tahnoon Nimer who could be anyone or anything.

So we come to Roland (Sir Philip Green) . Any diligence by him on the buyer would have resulted in him rejecting them as suitable custodians of our club which is a precious Community Asset. He has yet again stiffed us all by keeping The Valley and training ground by overvaluing them as property assets and compounded that by giving the football club away to completely the wrong people to avoid his responsibilities.

Philip Green had to make it right by injecting £363m into the BHS Pension scheme. We should expect Roland to make this right by retaking control and finding proper owners for the club.

3 thoughts on “Blame Roland for the mess

  1. Very interesting analogy which hadn’t occurred to me.So Duchalet end game would be to let the club collapse under a different management and be able to sell the assets. He gets the last laugh.
    I am hoping to seed the idea that committed CAFC fans should start analysing how we can “BUY THE VALLEY”. There must be expertise in the fan base, CAFC supporters Trust, lawyers solicitors , money men. It may be a plan that sits in the file”In Case of Emergency” until needed but the very unpredictably way events are happening we need to be prepared. We can only hope its not needed, Nimer turns out to be better than his predecessors.

    Portsmouth fans brought their club, and sold on to someone they chose.
    38,000 fans attended Wembley, raising £658 per head would get £25 million , a fair price for Valley and Sparrows Lane. Not easy, but not impossible.
    We can’t know how solid the support/ how deep are the CAFC fans pockets unless we ask.

  2. Sadly, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this. We can only hope that Nimer turns out to be some sort of knight (with a complete lack of professionalism and penchant for social media) in shining armour.

  3. Clear case of careful what you wish for. Had to smell a huge rat when they didn’t buy the ground. Got to admire the cheek of these people sitting there taking the applause while they shaft everyone in sight. The saving grace is that Duchatelet still owns the ground and the only way he can get any value from it is to keep the club going.

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