Tribute to Seb

I felt profoundly sad yesterday when I absorbed the news of Seb’s passing. Seb was one of those few people who touch your life even when you don’t really know them and when you lose them the sadness seems disproportionate.

Aside from the occasional nod and a shared breakfast table after the away win at Shrewsbury two seasons ago. I never had a conversation with Seb and I wish now that I had.

Perhaps one of the better things that will emerge from this terrible virus will be that we all take a bit more time to cherish all our relationships

It would be lovely to think that we all engage more with those who live on the edges of our own lives but who contribute lots of the indefinable glue that binds our societies including our football club together.

Seb was one of those, he is simply irreplaceable, he will be terribly missed by all of us, Seb’s memory will live long.

One thought on “Tribute to Seb

  1. Yeah I remember im n all but didn’t know im but ave seen im dahn our gaff. E went to all ome n away games n all, thoughts muss go to is family.

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