Who has control of the CAFC bank account ?

Who on earth is actually in charge at Charlton at the moment ? – and most importantly who has control of the cheque book and whatever dwindling amount of cash is left in the club’s bank accounts.

Is the owner, Mr Nimer, actually capable and willing to put the club in funds to continue the season and fund next season to be competitive ?

Is there anyone who can answer these basic questions ?? . Maybe someone at the EFL can clarify. Surely somebody needs to tell the fans what is going on !!!

4 thoughts on “Who has control of the CAFC bank account ?

  1. Firstly,who has the cheque book is probably irrelevant as Southall and his cronies have probably emptied what little their was.
    Secondly to expect the EFL to do anything is a pipe dream,they are quite likely meeting now around a generous measure of Brandy,discussing who gets the next £500k pay off for doing sod all for 5 years.

  2. Yeah well if King Roland still ad control ourn would not be in this mess, thass why we need im back n I wrote to the EFL today tellin them to install im asap.

  3. I think it is more likely that the EFL’s £800k bailout is paying for the Club’s day to day financial transactions – which will not last forever- but who writes the “cheques” is anyone’s guess. Players wages are probably made as an online chaps payment in which case perhaps that is all sanctioned by Chris Parkes?

  4. EFL response? Wouldn’t hold your breath mate..They must be run off their feet with all these matches going on..

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