Anti Embarrassment at Charlton

We probably can’t be embarrassed by anything that goes on any longer at Charlton, but if geriatric Roland had a lawyer with half a brain – he would have inserted a standard anti embarrassment clause in the Sale & Purchase Agreement ( SPA) when he sold Charlton.

That commonly used clause is to stop people ‘flipping’ assets within a short time period for which they paid nothing or below market value. Typically, it requires the new owner to pay a significant amount of any flip proceeds to the previous owner.

Who knows what agreements are in place at Charlton, the place is amok with fraudsters, some of whom probably can’t read or understand a legal agreement¬† and we are dealing with a previous owner with serious mental issues.

Oh how we long for some straightforward honest professionals to run the club again – where’s Roger Alwen when you need him?

Rudderless Leaderless Charlton

Seems like we are very likely to get relegated even though there are 9 games to go and we aren’t the 3rd worst team in the division. Sheff Weds, Derby and Birmingham have all broken EFL rules and should be deducted points this season – which in Wednesday’s case would likely result in automatic relegation.

But don’t worry because we’ve got an owner, a Chairman and a Chief Executive pointing out that all of this is fundamentally legally and morally wrong, just like Barnsley and Luton are doing and the ever impressive Mrs Palios at Tranmere.

Well no , actually we haven’t because to all intents and purposes we haven’t got anyone of authority at Charlton who can express an opinion on anything. Presumably we will find out this next week if Mr Nimer has any money or morals but it currently seems unlikely.

I am perplexed by the reaction of some Premier League players to the potential return. According to the ONS by May 8th only 422 people ( including all ethnicities) had perished from COVID in the age group under 44. This is obviously very sad, particularly given our own Seb Lewis was one of those, but statistically out of a total population cohort of c 37 million, it’s not significant. In fact your chances of dieing from COVID under the age of 30 are virtually nil. It seems that what premier league players fear most is fear itself.

Anyway, as a Charlton fan in need of a pick me up , I can highly recommend Steve Sutherland’s 4 part interviews with Keith Peacock starting with his recollections from the 60’s – Keith’s memory is razor sharp and the anecdotes are really interesting. Between Zoom and MS team calls and cups of tea and overall cabin fever, its provided a nice uplifting backstory – go have a listen –

Finally , don’t forget to pay your fiver and join CAST who are doing an excellent job and in the absence of any leadership within the club are our best hope for some kind of salvation.



Invoices from crooks

If someone sends a false invoice to one of the companies where I am Chairman we a) do not pay it b) ignore it and c) if we consider it is a legitimate attempt to extract funds from the company by deception we contact the Police. Luckily this has only happened to me a couple of times.

The main thing we do is carry on operating the business because that is the correct thing to do both for the business and as a responsible Director. It does not stop us providing funding where necessary.

Mr Nimer has replaced the Board with his own directors, he has fired Matt Southall as Chairman. He has appointed legal representation. He needs to concentrate on running the football club.

Apparently, Matt Southall has created further spurious invoices to the club for another £2m which is ridiculous and disgusting. He should be ashamed.

However, Mr Nimer needs to ignore the distractions, use his lawyers and police to strangle and defenestrate Southall and get on with running Charlton

If he is unable to do that, he needs to step out of the way and let someone else take the club forward.