Invoices from crooks

If someone sends a false invoice to one of the companies where I am Chairman we a) do not pay it b) ignore it and c) if we consider it is a legitimate attempt to extract funds from the company by deception we contact the Police. Luckily this has only happened to me a couple of times.

The main thing we do is carry on operating the business because that is the correct thing to do both for the business and as a responsible Director. It does not stop us providing funding where necessary.

Mr Nimer has replaced the Board with his own directors, he has fired Matt Southall as Chairman. He has appointed legal representation. He needs to concentrate on running the football club.

Apparently, Matt Southall has created further spurious invoices to the club for another £2m which is ridiculous and disgusting. He should be ashamed.

However, Mr Nimer needs to ignore the distractions, use his lawyers and police to strangle and defenestrate Southall and get on with running Charlton

If he is unable to do that, he needs to step out of the way and let someone else take the club forward.

4 thoughts on “Invoices from crooks

  1. Matt Southall why Don’t you just do the decent thing and just walk away and stop trying to fleece Charlton Athletic football club for your own selfish needs , because you are just a ex greedy football agent and you shouldn’t ever be allowed anywhere near a football club ever again, and Tahnoon Nimer has my full support to ..

  2. The whole fake invoice scam is the perfect excuse for Nimer to avoid scrutiny into the fact that there is NO MONEY..
    If Southall thinks it’s his payday he’s deluded. He should walk away before he’s charged with fraud.
    As for the EFL, what are they smoking?!

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  4. Yeah thass why we need King Roland back in charge dahn our gaff. Only KR can undo wot them exenophobes ave caused to appen.

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