Anti Embarrassment at Charlton

We probably can’t be embarrassed by anything that goes on any longer at Charlton, but if geriatric Roland had a lawyer with half a brain – he would have inserted a standard anti embarrassment clause in the Sale & Purchase Agreement ( SPA) when he sold Charlton.

That commonly used clause is to stop people ‘flipping’ assets within a short time period for which they paid nothing or below market value. Typically, it requires the new owner to pay a significant amount of any flip proceeds to the previous owner.

Who knows what agreements are in place at Charlton, the place is amok with fraudsters, some of whom probably can’t read or understand a legal agreement  and we are dealing with a previous owner with serious mental issues.

Oh how we long for some straightforward honest professionals to run the club again – where’s Roger Alwen when you need him?

2 thoughts on “Anti Embarrassment at Charlton

  1. I find it embarrassin comin on ere nahdays cos all your exenophobes do is insult King Roland who aint runnin our gaff no longer. Ere are why don’t yourn ave a go a Southall n ESI who are runnin ourn dahn, KR kept ourn alive in case you aint eard as did Queen Katrien.

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