Season ticket for what ?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a 30 year plus season ticket holder and passionate fan who has provided lots of financial support to the club over the years and I would only be too happy to do so again if I had even half a clue as to what the plan is, who the owner actually is, whether they are going to support the club financially.

We don’t even really know if the new owner, whoever he or she might be, is just going to run off with our season ticket money and plunder the bank account just like the last ESI owners, Nimer and Southall.

Since none of us know the answers to any of those basic questions, how on earth can we be expected to buy a season ticket for next year ?

Kafkaesque Charlton Athletic

Bet you wouldn’t have seen that headline coming – even I had to look it up to make sure I had it in context.

Here is the definition. ”Kafka’s work is characterized by nightmarish settings in which characters are crushed by nonsensical, blind authority. Hence, the word Kafkaesque is often applied to bizarre and impersonal situations where the individual feels powerless to understand or control what is happening.”. ……………Not far off eh ?

We now have a new owning consortium – a consortium is a strange new definition of only one person, Paul Elliott, who appears to have no on-line presence indicating any degree of business success or wealth. Pretty much all his previous Directorships have been on small property companies many of which have simply disappeared. He apparently paid May’s wages and is promising to keep paying the £400-500k a month even though he is apparently ”involved in this as a business venture” I’m only guessing but I’d be very surprised if it’s actually his money ?

I’ve been running businesses now for 30 years and I’ve never been able to sniff out a business venture yet that screamed opportunity out of losing £10m a year without any assets, hardly any revenue and little prospect of improvement combined with a hostile customer, sorry fanbase. Good luck with that job Paul.

The situation at Charlton is bizzare, unfathomable, incredible – Kafkaesque in the extreme.

The latest patsy at Charlton is Paul Elliott

By the way, its not the Paul Elliott, our much admired former player, its another not so well known outside Didsbury, less successful Paul Elliott who has agreed to accept the role of Patsy for Mr Nimer and Mr Farnell, probably in return for a free golf club subscription next year.

In the merry go round of ownership at Charlton, Tahnoon Nimer has neatly passed his ownership of the club from his right trouser pocket to his left trouser pocket with the transfer of ownership to his lawyer, Chris Farnell and a mate of Farnell’s, called Paul Elliott who Farnell knows either from the golf club or his local boozer.

This transaction has been effected to trigger the drag along provisions of the Shareholders Agreement in ESI so that Matt – 2 Range Rovers -Southall receives 35% of bugger all which was the transaction price paid by Farnell and Elliott.

Having moved Southall out of the way, this frees up Nimer & Farnell with their temporary mate, Paul Elliott ”the patsy”, to move to the next stage which is to try to sell the football club to someone who actually has some money so that they can walk away with a couple of hundred thousand.

The hope is that all of this can be achieved before June payroll comes around. If there is anything at all valuable at Sparrows Lane or The Valley, Bowyer and co should bring in their cordless drills to work and fix it to the wall.

The locusts remain in charge at Charlton.

Mon- sera sera- t…. Lyle

Whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see ……………

Lyle Taylor is a very intelligent articulate bloke and a bloody good striker and listening to him it is not difficult to understand his point about risking his future big pay day by potentially getting injured in the last month of the season.

It seems to me that the only (enormous) flaw in his argument was that he was happy to wander off to Montserrat mid season and jeopardize his career, future earnings and put a fairly large nail in our potential relegation coffin by potentially getting injured – which he did.

Had he have done the sensible thing at that time and decided to stay in the UK for the sake of his future career and his employer,then, in all likelihood we wouldn’t be facing the situation we have now. He did all that to represent a country that has a total of 5,000 inhabitants, all of whom we could accomodate in the Covered End even if they all turned up. Given what a potential relegation is going to cost the club, we would have been much better off sending every one of the islanders £100 for a great night out.