Mon- sera sera- t…. Lyle

Whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see ……………

Lyle Taylor is a very intelligent articulate bloke and a bloody good striker and listening to him it is not difficult to understand his point about risking his future big pay day by potentially getting injured in the last month of the season.

It seems to me that the only (enormous) flaw in his argument was that he was happy to wander off to Montserrat mid season and jeopardize his career, future earnings and put a fairly large nail in our potential relegation coffin by potentially getting injured – which he did.

Had he have done the sensible thing at that time and decided to stay in the UK for the sake of his future career and his employer,then, in all likelihood we wouldn’t be facing the situation we have now. He did all that to represent a country that has a total of 5,000 inhabitants, all of whom we could accomodate in the Covered End even if they all turned up. Given what a potential relegation is going to cost the club, we would have been much better off sending every one of the islanders £100 for a great night out.

6 thoughts on “Mon- sera sera- t…. Lyle

  1. who paid for his treatment and wages when he was not playing? If relegated his team mates will suffer pay cuts. Self mined With only self interest.

  2. If a player is given the opportunity to play for their Country, it is an honour regardless the size. Can you give the same argument if Kane turned down a qualifyer for England? Ronaldo turning down Portugal?!

    The injury was unfortunate but could have happened playing for us.

    He’s made his choice, we need to move on and concentrate on the players who are committed to the club.

  3. He’s still in contract so should continue to play. Turning his back not just on the club but his team mates. I support we still have to pay his wages though.

  4. trying so hard not to criticise Tayler as he has given me so much pleasure but when you hear Boyer saying if it was me I would play than that just about say`s it all . What goes round comes round and Tayler should have a little bit more faith and belief in doing the right thing. Scores 10 goals in the last 9 games to keep us up and he adds another ££ to his value , that’s how I would look at it.

  5. Iss a breach of is contract not playin for ourn til the end of the season n our gaff should fine im n thass all there is to it on ere.

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