Season ticket for what ?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a 30 year plus season ticket holder and passionate fan who has provided lots of financial support to the club over the years and I would only be too happy to do so again if I had even half a clue as to what the plan is, who the owner actually is, whether they are going to support the club financially.

We don’t even really know if the new owner, whoever he or she might be, is just going to run off with our season ticket money and plunder the bank account just like the last ESI owners, Nimer and Southall.

Since none of us know the answers to any of those basic questions, how on earth can we be expected to buy a season ticket for next year ?

7 thoughts on “Season ticket for what ?

  1. Cos we juss ave to get on with it n King Roland is still in the backgrahnd makin sure our gaff is survivin n thass all wot counts.

  2. Sorry can’t agree. Any new owner we have to assume is honest and decent even if history tells us differently. Keep the faith, cough up and show the new owner we love our club.

  3. Add to all of your points; What division we will be in? Whichever it is will we be starting with a points deduction? Will we even be able to attend the opening games of the season? All being well I will renew, but only once I know what the position is.

  4. Agreed scoops1971. We are still under sanctions. Still await outcome of EFL investigation into our ESI ownership shambles and will be unable to attend any match until government permit attendance at football stadiums again, which might not be until 2021!! Ridiculous to even consider renewing a season ticket until we can actually attend a game. Let alone know which division we will be playing in.Or if the club is even functioning. All very concerning.

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