Oh Tomer, Tomer ……..

It seems to me that Tomer Hemed owes us all a couple of goals and I have decided that Brum away will be his match winning moment. How on earth can you have a goal scoring record in every club you’ve played for and at full international level of one every other game and then register zero from 17 games for us.

At Brighton , he scored 32 goals in 89 appearances, at QPR on loan he scored 7 in 27 and for the full Israeli team , he has scored 17 in 37.

Now advancing age catches up with all of us a bit and I remember as centre forward in my Sunday League days that I got slower and stiffer, but Tomer, mate, it didn’t stop me from scoring on my final appearance at the age of 44, a glorious volley to make the score a respectable 3-9 ( our defence were all over the place).

It’s time you stepped up and popped a couple of life savers into the onion bag.

I fully expect a lyrical rendition on Wednesday night of

Oh Tomer, Tomer ……Tomer Tomer Hemeddddd………….

4 thoughts on “Oh Tomer, Tomer ……..

  1. As part of that maligned defence, I can only state that my recollection of the goal differs somewhat.
    Good luck to Hemed against Brum.

    • Hallo mate that made me chuckle – I cant really remember who was playing that day but I remember Ian had recruited a load of super fit young rugby players who turned out to be completely clueless at footie and we were 6-0 down at half time when Ian and I subbed ourselves on – all good fun !!!

      • Hi Julian,
        Remembered that I hung my boots up at 42. So, the 9-3 had nothing to do with me.
        What a result if Bowyer keeps you up with the squad and a little board room scandal.
        Come on Charlton 👍✌️

  2. Shockin juss shockin them strikers muss step up for wot there paid n they scorin goals bar one since the restart on ere.

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