David Baldwin & Rick Parry are incompetent

Let’s face it the CEO ( David Baldwin) and the Chairman (Rick Parry) of the EFL are demonstrably and grossly incompetent.

How on earth can we get to the end of the season with no answer on the fines or points deductions hanging over Derby and Sheffield Weds which have been dragging on since November of last year. They can’t even supply a date by which time the verdicts will be announced. It is totally disgraceful and both Baldwin and Parry should step aside and be replaced by executives who actually know how to run a business professionally.

On top of that at our club we have been waiting for 6 months for the EFL opinion on the fitness of our prospective owners ESI1 and latterly ESI2 despite the fact that our entire fan base know that Southall, Farnell, Nimer and Elliott are a bunch of parasitic chancers who have never had the resources to buy and run the club and should be prevented from buying any football club at any level.

If someone wants to buy a club, any idiot can tell you that BEFORE any transaction is possible, the EFL should stipulate that funds to run the club for a couple of seasons should be placed in escrow and only subsequently used for specific football expenses.

The EFL need people at the top who know how to run a business, make decisions and provide real leadership not dithering useless incompetents


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