Gadaffi’s Valley Break In

Despite the claims of Dodger and Co, I can exclusively reveal here that the real mastermind of the recent Valley break in was indeed the well known canine fan, Gadaffi.

The 9 year old Jack Russell terrier is well known for his Charlton exploits and annual walk in aid of the Upbeats. This time he really stepped up to rally the troops to woof his way through a number of verses of Valley Floyd Road with only the odd Bonio for sustenance.

In the event that any of Paul Elliott, Chris Farnell, Matt Southall or Tahnoon Nimer ever turn up at The Valley again, in an act of selfless devotion, Gadaffi has promised to attach himself to their gonads and never let go again until they hand over the club to Thomas Sandgaard.

In a recent interview with the Albury Addick, Gadaffi expressed his lifelong wish is to lead those rip roaring Addicks back onto the hallowed turf again and get his own column (and front page picture) in Voice of the Valley. Come on Rick, you know it makes sense.

Gadaffi at night

Gadaffi in LoungeUpbeats Gadaffi

Thomas, Trams and Trolleybuses

Well firstly to confirm that I claim the latest positive dialogue with our  – lets bloody hope -soon to be leader – Thomas Sandgaard. He is a definitely a communicator this boy, we exchanged short messages last night and ended with this message from him – ‘We’ll get it done !!! ‘‘ If success is measured by fan engagement, Thomas is already home and hosed.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have an owner who was engaged and actually cared. It might even be a novelty to have an owner who wasn’t scared to come and watch matches with us. Thomas come on mate, make us all happy, get it done and soon !!

Anyway, just because all us Charlton supporters are renowned for our closet interest in trains and such like, I thought I’d take a minute to big up my brother’s latest book – ‘Wires Above South East London’‘ ( catchy title eh ?). My brother, Rob, in addition to being a lifelong fan of Charlton is the UK’s leading expert on Trams and has witten more than 50 books, many of them featuring all our old stomping grounds in South East London. Its an ideal gift for a Dad or Grandad or anyone in the family who likes South East London history and transport. He writes the books as a passion rather than for financial reward but at £25, it makes a nice birthday or Xmas present. Available from Amazon and all good book stores !!!  Its fifty quid for Millwall fans.

Wires Above South East LondonIndex Wires Above SE London

Big Balls Thomas

Thomas Sandgaard has arrived on the scene as a prospective buyer of Charlton. He has done it with the typical chutzpah of many American businessmen. Nevertheless, I welcome him and wish him good luck in the quest to save us from the disasters of ESI and Duchâtelet

I see no reason to be sceptical or suspicious about his motives. He has a researchable and public profile as a wealthy and successful businessman, unlike any of the chancers over the last few years like Slater, Jimenez, Cash, Nimer, Farnell and Elliott. Unlike Duchâtelet he hasn’t started any crackpot political parties and there is no evidence yet that he intends to install the unqualified and incompetent but attractive daughter of a family friend as the new CEO.

He has taken the decision to engage with fans directly on twitter which has probably been largely a positive experience for him, but its a tactic where he will need to be cautious and thick skinned because I’m sorry to say like all clubs we have our share of morons too.

The biggest problem he is likely to encounter is how to unravel the mess of transactions between the ESI’s and to try to talk some sense into the geriatric Belgian over the unrealistic valuations of The Valley and Sparrows Lane.

It’s encouraging that he has engaged Freshfields who are a proper law firm – I noted in my blog months ago that I couldn’t square the fact that an Arab Sheik (Nimer) would engage a law firm (Farnell) operating from a tiny run down office on the outskirts of Manchester. It was a big red flag from the outset.

So Welcome and good luck to you Thomas – go make it happen tiger ……………..


ESI can’t even find 3 honest men

….or women

You have to wonder that ESI cannot even manage to find 3 honest, non bankrupted or compromised individuals to funnel Mr Nimer’s money through. Its absolutely astonishing isn’t it ?

There are 67 million people in the UK and presumably 99.99 per cent of them would pass the EFL’s tests.

It tells you all you need to know about ESI that they can’t even find 3 honest people and one of them actually purports to be a lawyer. How on earth has Chris Farnell not been struck off ? -anyway we will get him in time – that’s tomorrow’s mission.

I’ll tell you what ESI,- I’ll drop you a cheque for £20k tomorrow and that’s a profit of £19,999 for you. I will then immediately pass the EFL tests because I am honest and trustworthy and it will take about five minutes.

The day after that I will give the club to Peter Varney and Andrew Barclay for a quid.

Come On how about it ? You get to boast at the Wilmslow golf club about making £20k for doing nothing and we get to never hear or see from you scum ever again. Not complicated is it ……..

Gordian Knot at Charlton

  1. ESI 2 don’t own the club, even though ESI 1 has ‘sold’ it to them to get rid of chancer number 1, Matt Southall
  2. ESI 2 are unable to or won’t sell the club because they either don’t own the club anyway or are hoping somehow to make a profit from the original ESI 1 property deal with Duchatelet
  3. Andrew Barclay and Peter Varney whom the fans trust are able and willing to buy the club but only if the deal includes the property assets at a sensible valuation (The Valley & Sparrows Lane) which are still owned by Roland Duchatelet.
  4. The deal that ESI 1 did with Duchatelet ( the real root cause of all of this) was to commit to pay him £50m in 5 years for the Property assets even though their real value is about £20m

……………….the EFL who manage the running of the Football League are powerless to intervene to help the fans and the employees.

Meanwhile, the Gordian Knot designed by Roland Duchatelet tightens while he sits in Belgium rubbing his hands with glee and counting his money.

Appeal on CAFC decision should not be allowed

The gutless, useless, incompetent and corrupt EFL continue to collude with the destruction of Charlton. It takes them weeks to conclude that ESI are a bunch of charlatans, thieves and fraudsters, led by principal fraudster, Chris Farnell.

It took Charlton supporters days to work that out for themselves, but it took the EFL experts months and on top of that they have allowed the ESI fraudsters another 14 days to appeal so that our club cannot function and the football club will either cease to exist or will be unable to compete in the League because of the ongoing delay.

The EFL do not even take the time or bother to articulate in their statement what this decision actually means for the fans and employees who REALLY own, manage and support the club.

Disgraceful decision from cowards running the EFL

I have said this before but Rick Parry and David Baldwin who run the EFL are not only grossly incompetent which is universally recognised in football and sport generally but also cowardly which is evident from this latest decision to punish Sheffield Weds by 12 points but delay the deduction until next season.

This decision which results from a charge which was brought in NOVEMBER 2019 was widely expected but of course if there was any justice at all it should be applied in the current season which would mean a reprieve for either Charlton or Wigan.

I guess the EFL is relying on the fact that neither Charlton or Wigan have a pot to piss in and therefore cannot afford the legal costs to challenge the decision.

It is yet another example of the incompetence and cowardice from the EFL and may even  indicate corruption at the highest levels of our game.