Disgraceful decision from cowards running the EFL

I have said this before but Rick Parry and David Baldwin who run the EFL are not only grossly incompetent which is universally recognised in football and sport generally but also cowardly which is evident from this latest decision to punish Sheffield Weds by 12 points but delay the deduction until next season.

This decision which results from a charge which was brought in NOVEMBER 2019 was widely expected but of course if there was any justice at all it should be applied in the current season which would mean a reprieve for either Charlton or Wigan.

I guess the EFL is relying on the fact that neither Charlton or Wigan have a pot to piss in and therefore cannot afford the legal costs to challenge the decision.

It is yet another example of the incompetence and cowardice from the EFL and may even  indicate corruption at the highest levels of our game.

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