Appeal on CAFC decision should not be allowed

The gutless, useless, incompetent and corrupt EFL continue to collude with the destruction of Charlton. It takes them weeks to conclude that ESI are a bunch of charlatans, thieves and fraudsters, led by principal fraudster, Chris Farnell.

It took Charlton supporters days to work that out for themselves, but it took the EFL experts months and on top of that they have allowed the ESI fraudsters another 14 days to appeal so that our club cannot function and the football club will either cease to exist or will be unable to compete in the League because of the ongoing delay.

The EFL do not even take the time or bother to articulate in their statement what this decision actually means for the fans and employees who REALLY own, manage and support the club.

2 thoughts on “Appeal on CAFC decision should not be allowed

  1. Elliott and Co step aside you have had your chance, let Varney and Barclay take over they would meet the EFL owners requirements and I’m sure Barclay would pay your money you paid on staff wages, then would leave Barclay to give a fair offer for the ground and the training ground to the Belgium Owner £50 million no chance .

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