Gordian Knot at Charlton

  1. ESI 2 don’t own the club, even though ESI 1 has ‘sold’ it to them to get rid of chancer number 1, Matt Southall
  2. ESI 2 are unable to or won’t sell the club because they either don’t own the club anyway or are hoping somehow to make a profit from the original ESI 1 property deal with Duchatelet
  3. Andrew Barclay and Peter Varney whom the fans trust are able and willing to buy the club but only if the deal includes the property assets at a sensible valuation (The Valley & Sparrows Lane) which are still owned by Roland Duchatelet.
  4. The deal that ESI 1 did with Duchatelet ( the real root cause of all of this) was to commit to pay him £50m in 5 years for the Property assets even though their real value is about £20m

……………….the EFL who manage the running of the Football League are powerless to intervene to help the fans and the employees.

Meanwhile, the Gordian Knot designed by Roland Duchatelet tightens while he sits in Belgium rubbing his hands with glee and counting his money.

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