Big Balls Thomas

Thomas Sandgaard has arrived on the scene as a prospective buyer of Charlton. He has done it with the typical chutzpah of many American businessmen. Nevertheless, I welcome him and wish him good luck in the quest to save us from the disasters of ESI and Duchâtelet

I see no reason to be sceptical or suspicious about his motives. He has a researchable and public profile as a wealthy and successful businessman, unlike any of the chancers over the last few years like Slater, Jimenez, Cash, Nimer, Farnell and Elliott. Unlike Duchâtelet he hasn’t started any crackpot political parties and there is no evidence yet that he intends to install the unqualified and incompetent but attractive daughter of a family friend as the new CEO.

He has taken the decision to engage with fans directly on twitter which has probably been largely a positive experience for him, but its a tactic where he will need to be cautious and thick skinned because I’m sorry to say like all clubs we have our share of morons too.

The biggest problem he is likely to encounter is how to unravel the mess of transactions between the ESI’s and to try to talk some sense into the geriatric Belgian over the unrealistic valuations of The Valley and Sparrows Lane.

It’s encouraging that he has engaged Freshfields who are a proper law firm – I noted in my blog months ago that I couldn’t square the fact that an Arab Sheik (Nimer) would engage a law firm (Farnell) operating from a tiny run down office on the outskirts of Manchester. It was a big red flag from the outset.

So Welcome and good luck to you Thomas – go make it happen tiger ……………..


3 thoughts on “Big Balls Thomas

  1. There aint nothin wrong with a lib dem party in Belgium we aint all ard right or ard left on ere. Berylson as done a great job dahn wallmart so juss like King Roland done, I reckon Sandgaard can do the same dahn ourn.

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