Gadaffi’s Valley Break In

Despite the claims of Dodger and Co, I can exclusively reveal here that the real mastermind of the recent Valley break in was indeed the well known canine fan, Gadaffi.

The 9 year old Jack Russell terrier is well known for his Charlton exploits and annual walk in aid of the Upbeats. This time he really stepped up to rally the troops to woof his way through a number of verses of Valley Floyd Road with only the odd Bonio for sustenance.

In the event that any of Paul Elliott, Chris Farnell, Matt Southall or Tahnoon Nimer ever turn up at The Valley again, in an act of selfless devotion, Gadaffi has promised to attach himself to their gonads and never let go again until they hand over the club to Thomas Sandgaard.

In a recent interview with the Albury Addick, Gadaffi expressed his lifelong wish is to lead those rip roaring Addicks back onto the hallowed turf again and get his own column (and front page picture) in Voice of the Valley. Come on Rick, you know it makes sense.

Gadaffi at night

Gadaffi in LoungeUpbeats Gadaffi

2 thoughts on “Gadaffi’s Valley Break In

  1. Why would e want to go in with the dross of Everitt n VoV when e can get is own page, ere are I’ve even got the name iss Dahn our Gadaffi.

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