That’s Amore Thomas

I spent last week celebrating my wife’s 60th with the family in Amalfi in Italy. When the kids were small we used to get them to tell us at the end of a week what was their best and worst moment of the week. The ‘kids’ are adults now but we played that game in Amalfi yesterday, the answers were that great meal, that boat trip, the day on the beach – mine was precisely 1215pm on Friday when I logged on to my PC and saw Thomas Sandgaard’s sea of red it’s done tweet.

Absolutely bloody fantastic. I know we’ve had a couple of promotions from the 3rd divsion , but apart from that the last 10 years as a Charlton fan have been unremittingly awful lurching from one bad owner to another. We really do deserve a break and it seems like Thomas is committed to making it happen.

15 years for European football works for me – I look forward to my son and I drinking the bars dry in Dynamo Plodov on a Monday night in February before he pushes my Zimmer frame up the terrace to watch the mighty Addicks in our first European encounter for 80 years.

That’s Amore Thomas

EFL incompetence driving Charlton to administration

Let’s face it – we all know that the EFL are completely and utterly incompetent. They seem incapable of making any sensible or timely decisions. The ridiculous 9 months delay over the Sheffield Weds decision just tells you all you need to know about the people who run the organisation.

David Baldwin, the CEO, whose record in football so far at Bradford and Burnley demonstrates that he is painfully inept.

The unreasonable delay and nonsensical bureaucracy in approving Thomas Sandgaard and the unreasonable delay in confirming the rejection of Paul Elliot is likely to drive our club into administration,

The EFL and its leadership really are a national disgrace.

Parasites(v2) win in court battle with Parasites(v1)

And so the agony continues. Parasites v 1 (Southall, Nimer and the useless Romanians) who landed us with an immediate transfer embargo which got us relegated last season have been prevented from selling the club by Parasites v2 ( Elliot, Farnell)

Parasites v2 apparently, at least, put £500k into the club which Parasites v1 did not.

Parasites v2 are now intent of wrecking this season by not allowing Parasites v1 from selling to Thomas Sandgaard.

Neither Parasites v1 nor Parasites v2 have any desire or capability to run the football club. In both cases their sole purpose is to try and resell the club quickly to make a profit, potentially to profit from any kind of property transaction and see if there is any opportunity to remove any surplus funds during the journey.

All these people are disgusting parasites and they can be assured that they will reap what they sow.

EFL are deliberately trying to damage Charlton.

Am I the only fan who fears that somewhere in the EFL hierarchy there is someone, maybe even a Palace or Millwall fan with a mission to destroy our club ?

Firstly, they conspire to relegate us from the Championship when under any kind of fair and balanced system Sheffield Weds would have incurred the 12 point deduction last season.

Prior to that they had approved Matt Southall and Tahnoon Nimer as fit and proper people to run our football club even though a 9 year old with access to a smartphone would have been aware that Matt Southall is not a fit and proper person to run any kind of organisation.

They follow this up with a transfer embargo which is kept confidential from the paying customers ( us fans) and therefore means that the crooks from all the different ESI versions did not get the sensible scrutiny from our highly intelligent and resourceful fan base, meaning that valuable time has been lost in getting rid of them.

Then they ensure we are not competitive in this Division by setting an arbitrary salary cap of £1300 a week and insisting that kids that have played an odd cup game or were forced to play a few league minutes because of first team injuries last season are counted in our 23 man total

And NOW when it looks like we’ve finally got a potentially decent owner to drag us out of this mess in Thomas Sandgaard, they drag their feet on approving him as our new owner. The same 9 year old that could have told them that Matt Southall was a wrongun can also access his smartphone to confirm that Thomas is sufficiently wealthy ETHICAL and MORAL ( unusual for recent owners , I know)

WHY OH WHY are the useless people at the EFL determined to continually punish and penalise Charlton – makes you wonder a bit doesn’t it ?

Thomas- when can I send in my money ?

Over the years, like many of us I have spent a small fortune on season tickets, travelling home and away, car park passes, sponsoring games, contributing to the Upbeats and CACT.

I have no idea when we will be able to get a full crowd back into The Valley, but hopefully within a few months.

Ive got lazier in my old age and started to pay the £800 for a car park pass about 15 years ago. Who knows when we will be attending games again but frankly as soon as Thomas gets the deal done, I will be sending in my car park fee regardless of whether I can park my car this year. My virtual car park space will join my 2 virtual season tickets. It’s a small financial gesture in the context of Thomas’s potential outlay, but I want to do my bit.

Hopefully the the trigger moment is imminent.

Fans Response to Paul Elliott’s Open Letter

Paul, it should be abundantly clear to you by now that you are not wanted at Charlton. You will never be accepted by the fans and should you try to actually come to The Valley to watch a match post lockdown you are very likely to be in physical danger from angry fans. For your own personal safety you need to leave the club NOW and let the sale to Mr Sandgaard happen.

Your motivation for involving yourself at the club is transparently financial and you have no apparent affinity to the area or the club. In addition, given your own previous financial disasters including bankruptcy and driving a school to closure, you are not a fit and proper person to own our club.

Indeed, quite how you have managed to inject £500k of your own monies when all levels of public scrutiny suggest that you don’t actually have any money or have made any kind of commercial success in your career so far which inevitably begs the question of where your funding of £500k actually came from and who provided it.