Fans Response to Paul Elliott’s Open Letter

Paul, it should be abundantly clear to you by now that you are not wanted at Charlton. You will never be accepted by the fans and should you try to actually come to The Valley to watch a match post lockdown you are very likely to be in physical danger from angry fans. For your own personal safety you need to leave the club NOW and let the sale to Mr Sandgaard happen.

Your motivation for involving yourself at the club is transparently financial and you have no apparent affinity to the area or the club. In addition, given your own previous financial disasters including bankruptcy and driving a school to closure, you are not a fit and proper person to own our club.

Indeed, quite how you have managed to inject £500k of your own monies when all levels of public scrutiny suggest that you don’t actually have any money or have made any kind of commercial success in your career so far which inevitably begs the question of where your funding of £500k actually came from and who provided it.


8 thoughts on “Fans Response to Paul Elliott’s Open Letter

  1. Mr Elliott if you put over £ 500,000 into the club I’m sure Thomas will reimburse you , you failed the OADT so just step aside let mr Sandgaard buy the club I’m sure he will pass OADT no problem , he has said after buying the club he would be willing to talk with other investors that’s when you should talk with him, at this moment time is not on our side .

  2. Can someone explain to me what Tuesdays hearing was all about and what for we are back to sq one I think both parties should sit down and work something out because this sarga is going to cost a lot of money anyway and the club in hole by not being able to get players in Paul Elliot you are not able to fulfill your ambitions be realistic and call it a day and come to a comprise

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  4. Paul……I feel yot letter is dishonest and self centred… have no money and in my opinion you have shown a complete disregard for our much loved club….if you really have money use it to buy another club…..We already have fallen in love with Thomas Sandgaard who has shown the kind of attributes that will grow this club. Oh, and by the way he has a personal wealth verifiable of £500,000,000….

  5. you might be an ok person ,now prove it withdraw and leave it to Thomas if you have an affinity with this great club invest with Thomas . Do not hold up the rebuilding which is desperately needed do this for future of our club we have through enough

  6. Dear Mr Elliot, Thank you for your letter, which I respect, and thank you for your contribution to CAFC. Of course you must be compensated for monies you have put into the club. However, you have lost the court decision and should now acquiesce in it. Talk to the new prospective owner by all means, but give him a clear run in his efforts to buy the club, as Mr Barclay has done. Your intention to appeal against the recent court decision can only add to the many problems that bedevil the club

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