Thomas- when can I send in my money ?

Over the years, like many of us I have spent a small fortune on season tickets, travelling home and away, car park passes, sponsoring games, contributing to the Upbeats and CACT.

I have no idea when we will be able to get a full crowd back into The Valley, but hopefully within a few months.

Ive got lazier in my old age and started to pay the £800 for a car park pass about 15 years ago. Who knows when we will be attending games again but frankly as soon as Thomas gets the deal done, I will be sending in my car park fee regardless of whether I can park my car this year. My virtual car park space will join my 2 virtual season tickets. It’s a small financial gesture in the context of Thomas’s potential outlay, but I want to do my bit.

Hopefully the the trigger moment is imminent.

3 thoughts on “Thomas- when can I send in my money ?

  1. I don’t drive to games but I will be buying a season ticket, when the takeover is confirmed, although unlikely to attend games because of age and health constraints. Best of luck to Thomas hope all goes well for you.

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