EFL incompetence driving Charlton to administration

Let’s face it – we all know that the EFL are completely and utterly incompetent. They seem incapable of making any sensible or timely decisions. The ridiculous 9 months delay over the Sheffield Weds decision just tells you all you need to know about the people who run the organisation.

David Baldwin, the CEO, whose record in football so far at Bradford and Burnley demonstrates that he is painfully inept.

The unreasonable delay and nonsensical bureaucracy in approving Thomas Sandgaard and the unreasonable delay in confirming the rejection of Paul Elliot is likely to drive our club into administration,

The EFL and its leadership really are a national disgrace.

7 thoughts on “EFL incompetence driving Charlton to administration

  1. If, at the end of this long drawn out sordid affair, CAFC plunge into administration,the blame cannot entirely be laid at the doors of Duchatelet,Nimer,Southall,Elliot,Farnell and all their associates.The greater percentage of the blame lies with the committee of old farts who oversee matters of the EFL.
    If they had gotten off their arses several months ago and did their job of providing their football clubs with the help and support that it professes,Charlton Athletic would not be in the situation it now finds itself in.
    How can a so called ‘professional’body take so long to look into a prospective new owner’s financial situation,and then allow an appeal which takes them even longer,while a member club faces administration.
    The EFL has a lot to answer for.Just ask supporters of Bury and Macclesfield !!!!!

  2. Don’t keep blaming EFL for everything !
    Our present set up is what is incompetent….too many people pulling on different directions, no secure financial structure and Mr Elliott stubbornly blocking a quick sale to a viable buyer…for reasons only he knows. Mr Ellie knows the fans don’t want him and he must be very thick skinned to want to proceed so it must be to just force the best financial payment he can get.
    I hope that Thomas Sangaard remains determined and that Charlton fans support him and do not vent their frustrations against him as that would water down his enthusiasm…he needs all the encouragement we can give him. The law has to take its course and we must continue to be patient….we’ve waited long enough for a promising future so another two months is ok with me…confident that all we be good.

    • So,you think that the EFL are blameless ?…..that they have done everything possible to support the club ?(to do so is in their mandate)
      I totally agree that the situation is probably unique,but the EFL are the governing body and should be at the forefront of supporting the clubs under it’s banner……..in the case of CAFC they have hindered by dragging their heels.

      • Greg…I never said they were blameless and we might have stayed in the Championship but for their inconsistent judgement regarding points deductions….but again we had enough likely points to avoid the drop but at the end of the day weren’t quite up to it, it may be a benefit though to regroup in the lower division.
        I meant we cannot just point our finger at EFL….there are other bigger stumbling blocks in the way of our future success….get behind TS and keep encouraging him

      • Hi Michael,i wholeheartedly agree with you about being able to regroup in a lower division,and our only real chance of staying up last season would have been by default….but i’m sure most supporters would have taken that even so.
        I just cant see why the EFL ,who’s job it is to help and protect member clubs within its framework have done nothing helpful in this whole saga.In fact it seems they have tried to
        Why didn’t Elliot’s appeal of the result of EFL’s owners and directors test happen before the court hearings? Why haven’t they completed Sandgaard’s test yet ? Why did the EFL let Nimer and Southall buy the club without proof of funds?
        I guess we will never know the answers to these and many other questions,but in the meantime Bowyer and his staff cannot strengthen the team until well after the transfer window closes at best,so the continuing EFL transfer embargo has almost certainly resigned us to the lower reaches of League One for the coming season,as opposed to a challenge for promotion.
        Hopefully in time ,Sandgaard will buy the club and there will be happier times at the Valley.

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