Parasites(v2) win in court battle with Parasites(v1)

And so the agony continues. Parasites v 1 (Southall, Nimer and the useless Romanians) who landed us with an immediate transfer embargo which got us relegated last season have been prevented from selling the club by Parasites v2 ( Elliot, Farnell)

Parasites v2 apparently, at least, put £500k into the club which Parasites v1 did not.

Parasites v2 are now intent of wrecking this season by not allowing Parasites v1 from selling to Thomas Sandgaard.

Neither Parasites v1 nor Parasites v2 have any desire or capability to run the football club. In both cases their sole purpose is to try and resell the club quickly to make a profit, potentially to profit from any kind of property transaction and see if there is any opportunity to remove any surplus funds during the journey.

All these people are disgusting parasites and they can be assured that they will reap what they sow.

7 thoughts on “Parasites(v2) win in court battle with Parasites(v1)

  1. Agreed about the sets of parasites,but surely,the further this circus goes down the road,the lower the chances of anyone being able to make any money out of a deal to sell the club.After all it’s already changed hands for a quid……and as we all know, the Belgian still owns the only real assets,the Valley and training ground.
    Unless Sandgaard can work a miracle,all the club is facing is a downhill slope towards administration and oblivion.

  2. Agree with Greg. The Belgian owns the most important part of our club. We have to hope Sandgaaerd can pull something off, but let’s be honest it’s looking really bad now. Now we can’t get anyone in for another couple of months, and love them like we do the present team won’t keep us in division one. Not sure about oblivion but looking like a really bad couple of years to get over this. Hope to god Lee stays.

  3. Initially players like Adam Matthews might now decide to go elsewhere rather than hang on and wait for the takeover to proceed and the transfer embago to be lifted so he can sign. And what of Dougthy and Phillips? Why should they stay? It might be that both will have to be sold and maybe Bonne too just to keep the club afloat, we are covered at GK level but if we can’t sign replacements then we are doubly buggered by losing key players and not getting anyone in. We are a couple of injuries away from being in real trouble.

    I don’t see what Sandgaard can do legally – the judges have basically put a stick in the spokes and I’m afraid his gimmick on Twitter of asking people to put the CAFC roundel in their profiles is a little mystifying. It’s like this is some sort of a game. I get his intentions might be there but I’d expect some action.

    Finally I just don’t get what Panorama Magic were playing at – if Sandgaard’s interest is genuine and it appears to be then they should have been providing the courts with documentation to prove it and pointing out that the demand from Paul Elliot that he had first dibs on buying the club was vexatious especially as he had failed the OADT from the EFL. But panorama Magic was and is a joke outfit – no money and no clue, that’s why we ended up with Southall siphoning money out of the club – if they couldn’t suss him out I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve messed up the sale.

  4. The situation is a complete mess the court case in November is unlikely to resolve the situation as the loser is probably going to appeal, it’s a lawyers benefit situation. I can to some extent understand the transfer embargo but don’t understand why our U23 squad players cannot be used, their careers are being held back by the EFL, the PFA should be intervening on their behalf.. Players like Mingi and Dempsey could be useful squad players in the short term. Mingi in particular is a central defender, a position where we are short of numbers.

  5. Any immediate remedial action to resolve this outside of allowing this injunction to proceed has now been lost, because that has been ruled against. Clearly no consideration of the EFL’ legal authority over the “asset” (CAFC) to discipline or even diminish its value to whoever is eventually the owner by this judgement. Little asset value if the asset goes into administration or expulsion from the league.

  6. Unfortunately the only immediate remedy seems to be for TS to grease the palms of all these parasites – something he has already said he won’t do. The embargo and probably TS’s OADT will not be lifted/approved until all parties walk away satisfied or the court case (and subsequent appeal) has concluded.

  7. Surely an option would be to accept / go not administration now. Both the parasites have no or will not put any money in to pay debtors . A takeover by TS would allow us to continue in league 1. The 12 points deduction, even if it means remaining in league 1 would be worth taking to ensure the safe survival long term of the club

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