That’s Amore Thomas

I spent last week celebrating my wife’s 60th with the family in Amalfi in Italy. When the kids were small we used to get them to tell us at the end of a week what was their best and worst moment of the week. The ‘kids’ are adults now but we played that game in Amalfi yesterday, the answers were that great meal, that boat trip, the day on the beach – mine was precisely 1215pm on Friday when I logged on to my PC and saw Thomas Sandgaard’s sea of red it’s done tweet.

Absolutely bloody fantastic. I know we’ve had a couple of promotions from the 3rd divsion , but apart from that the last 10 years as a Charlton fan have been unremittingly awful lurching from one bad owner to another. We really do deserve a break and it seems like Thomas is committed to making it happen.

15 years for European football works for me – I look forward to my son and I drinking the bars dry in Dynamo Plodov on a Monday night in February before he pushes my Zimmer frame up the terrace to watch the mighty Addicks in our first European encounter for 80 years.

That’s Amore Thomas

5 thoughts on “That’s Amore Thomas

  1. I love Thomas’ enthusiasm and positivity. I do hope he has an experienced football person to consult and listen to, someone in the Varney mould perhaps. Many successful business men have entered the football world thinking it will be a walk in the park and they know the secret to unlocking success – our current landlord being one of them. In stark contrast to RD however, it looks like he will spend considerably more than 1% of his time on us.

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