Come in Number 9

Firstly this is not a moan because I thought under the circumstances yesterday the new boys all did well and frankly even though the game was pretty awful, we won so who cares.

However, I do think its a bit early to draw any conclusions. Fans are already raving about Inniss and he certainly made a difference in the air but he looked shaky on the floor to me.

I thought Smyth was very busy and irritating to their defenders and he certainly put 100% work in. Ultimately, though his final shot or pass was ineffective. Aneke had a stormer and Bogle looked OK when he came on. Some Charlton lifers seem a bit unsure about Watson. I just think he is fantastic, sure he misplaces the odd pass but he is the heartbeat and metronome of the team. He is the sort of player that ensures you get 1-0 wins. Anyway its all about opinions.

I am firmly in the camp of us still needing a regular goal scorer as the final piece in the jigsaw- I think its very telling that the number 9 jersey remains unallocated. I assume that we will try to be thereabouts of the play off positions by the end of the year and hope to pick up a proven goal scorer in the Jan window to push us into the play offs – it has worked before, older fans will remember the impact of Jim Melrose and then Mark Bright in previous generations.

Anyway, finally how about this as an idea. If I was the manager I’d be tempted to push Doughty in as a No 9 playing alongside a physical striker like Aneke or Bogle. We could use Smyth then on the wing. Doughty has pace, skill, can beat a man, he is strong, brave and he can head. I think he is a bit wasted at left wing back- also he’s not the best defender. We did it years ago with Mike Flanagan converting him from winger to striker and it worked like a dream.

7 thoughts on “Come in Number 9

  1. I seem to remember we did the same with Bob Curtis many moons ago. Bob was a right back, quite skilful with a rocket shot. We put him up front towards the end of a season when we were having the usual fight against relegation from the old Division 2. Bob scored a few and we stayed up. A precedent perhaps.

  2. I like the idea of using Doughty in a more central attacking role but he is not ready for the No.9 role. He is still not as physically mature as he needs to be for that role. He had a very large growth spurt about 3 years ago and it takes time for the muscle structure and body masa to catch up. From memory Flanagan was 23-24 before he became our No.9 and had fully grown into his strength. But Doughty should be played in the attacking half possibly in a front 3 with Aneke or Bogle as the No.9.and Washington or Smyth as the third man in the front 3. He is as you say not a good defender where his ability is totally wasted.

  3. More recently Karlan Grant went from a left-winger to a left-sided attacker. I like Doughty as a player, he has a decent first touch and he clearly has the aptitude to get even better, playing him up field a bit would give us a cutting edge in attack, maybe Ian Maatsen could play the left-wing back allowing him to play higher up?. There’s also Marcus Maddison to consider.

    Smyth doesn’t have a great goal scoring record but I think his job is be the fox in the box with Aneke/Bogle doing the ball winning and hold the ball up in attack sort of role. Whoever plays goal scorer – just get them in the centre of the box attacking the six yard box, the goals will come.

    • Grant played as a striker in the U18s it was only when he started playing for the U21s/U23s that he was pushed wider. Many of the supporters who watched him in the U18s thought he should be used as a central striker when he got in the first team.

  4. Albury Addick.
    What a good article you wrote which I endorse.
    I have said for some time that Doughty should be playing in a number 9 positions.
    He is currently not being used properly.
    After Williams wonder goal for Wales surely bring him on for the last 20 mins and run at them .!
    I am big supporter of Lee Bowyer but I question his tactics at times .
    We were sitting on a one goal lead,far too deep allowing Wigan to come at us.
    Wigan were unlucky not to get a result.
    Lee Bowyer did the same against Birmingham last season and the story is as it is.
    Is he too cautious by nature or does he not have full confidence in his squad.
    Keep writing your interesting and well informed articles Mr Albury Addick.

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