Its football Jim – but not as we know it

I guess Northampton away is never likely to be a fixture that would set your pulse racing, but dear oh dear what a shocking advert for professional football. I was talking to my mate who lives in the US yesterday who avidly watches every game and he gave up at half time and went to the driving range.

Obviously who cares we got 3 points etc but it was like watching a park game. There certainly does seem to be a bigger gulf than ever between this Division and the Championship where we played some lovely football at the start of last season.

The positives are the defense – notably Ryan Inniss who was a colossus on Saturday slightly ahead of Amos, Famewo, Gunter and Maatsen who were all excellent. Not entirely sure why LB started with Williams, Levitt and JFC in the middle since it seemed pretty obvious that they would be outmuscled or completely bypassed in the aerial battles. I guess he just felt he had to give Pratley and Watson a bit of a break. Great to see Matthews re joining.

It’s tempting to suggest that the plan this season is to win all our games 1-0. Oxford like to play football so it would be nice to see us step up tomorrow, I think it will be a much tougher test and we need to get a bigger contribution from the creative players.

I just hope its not another game where after the long ball barrage we sigh…….. beam me up scotty

5 thoughts on “Its football Jim – but not as we know it

  1. I thought it was like watching Sunday Morning on Dartford Heath.
    I’m surprised they didn’t ask them to take the goalposts down after the whistle.
    Innis and Maatsen were the pick of the bunch for me.
    Hey Ho……3 more points and on the road to proper football

  2. I was extremely surprised that Davison was allowed to join Woking on loan. I know Bowyer has said that Davison should be sent out on loan to gain experience. However, I felt that he should have waited until Aneke, Bogle, Washington and Smyth had proved to be up to the job. Frankly they have not, Aneke seems to miss games on a regular basis due to injury Smyth and Washington do not have good recent goal scoring records and have not had time to prove their current ability. I give Bogle the benefit of the doubt as he has to gain fitness as he has not had the benefit of a preseason. Doughty was injured on Saturday and was substituted which meant that Bogle had to play a full game, Is Bogle fit enough to do himself justice tomorrow as Aneke will be missing.
    Davison scored on Saturday in a cup tie against Aldershot and was credited as man of the match in Woking’s match report. So he is now cup tied.
    I feel that allowing Davison to leave is a big mistake as the next two games against Oxford and Portsmouth will be difficult as both Aneke and Doughty could be missing.

  3. Yeah well I don’t. I enjoyed watchin every minute of it. Clean sheets, 3 points under King Lee n I aint even noticed Bonne aint no longer dahn our gaff.

  4. Some supporters are difficult to please. We need to get out of this awful division. I don’t care how we do it, I would settle for 1-0 wins every week. We have a virtual new team, stop grumbling and give them a break.

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