Burnley Beware

Apparently in English football it is possible to be banned from buying a football club for 5 weeks – yes that’s right FIVE WEEKS. It’s OK because you are a lawyer and all you did wrong was not tick an important box on an important legal document – Farnell should have got at least 5 months for pure incompetence- or for the good of English football preferably a ban of 5 decades.

Anyway the news that Farnell and his erstwhile Egyptian benefactor, El Kashashy have shifted their attempts to steal ,buy Charlton to the same project at Burnley.

Apparently and somewhat amazingly the Premier League have accepted proof of funds. When our highly motivated well researched and intelligent fan base looked for the source of El Kashashy’s wealth before, the information on the success of his fast food franchises was a bit thin on the ground.

If I was a Burnley fan I would be very worried indeed. The most sensible answer for all these prospective owners is for the EFL and Premier League to demand that the new owners deposit enough money in an escrow account on completion which covers c 18 months of anticipated costs of running the club, only accessible in equal tranches over the period. If they can’t or won’t do that, as I suspect will be the case with Farnell and his latest new mate then they shouldn’t be allowed to buy

Anyway, only time will tell- BUT BURNLEY BEWARE

3 thoughts on “Burnley Beware

  1. Don’t worry about other clubs mate. Be content that CAFC are on the up. Let Burley worry about Burley, did they give. S..t about us. Find something else to moan on about!!

  2. Do not let Farnell near any going concern.
    Ask Bury or Wigan and Charlton.
    Make him and his Egyptian friend put a years running of Burnley in an account, non returnable.
    See how fast he does a runner.

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