When will I see you again ?

I wonder what this whole COVID interlude will do to our crowds ? It will depend hugely on how successful the team is on the pitch, but going to football is also habit forming and once you’ve got out of the habit, for many people there is no going back. During the dark Duchatelet years a number of my friends who had been season tickets holders for years stopped coming and never came back – even for Wembley.

On top of that, the demographic of Charlton fans always seems to me to be pretty old. Certainly all the people ( including me) who sit near me in the East Stand are closer to God’s departure lounge than arrivals. I suspect a number of these will either never come back now or wait until a vaccine appears to be successful. The last thing you want to be is a last minute casualty just before a ceasefire is announced.

The club will survive and prosper because it is a beloved institution and truly a community asset and finally we have the right owner but as we emerge progressively from lockdown, there will be much work needed by the Commercial Team over the coming months and years to nurture and build the fan base again with a particular emphasis on attracting younger fans.

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