Predictable Tactics

I certainly wouldn’t claim any tactical perception but in the last 2 games in particular it has looked very much like Gillingham & Burton got results because they turned our ‘play it out from the back’ tactics into a weakness. If I was the Burton manager, it would have been my tactic too, its a bit obvious.

Famewo and Inniss are big misses and certainly with them playing we are going to let in far fewer goals from corners and set pieces, but , if I’m honest, I get quite scared when Inniss is trying to play it out from the back too.

I think Watson is a tremendous player, he is like our quarter back and can dictate the play but last night he wasn’t great either, we need to see him playing the ball forward more often rather than too often back or sideways to the centre halves. In that case, the midfielders, Shinnie, Gilbey and Maddison ( or Morgan) have to show for the ball and be prepared to beat a man and maybe lose the ball. It was all too negative last night, I’d like to see us go for the jugular and be more positive. Last night, Charlton shaped up like they were playing an international team not bottom of the table, no confidence Burton.

Anyway, a chance for tactical redemption on Saturday- lets hope so.

2 thoughts on “Predictable Tactics

  1. Don’t hold your breath,he only knows one tactic backwards sideways and hope for a breakaway goal.He hasn’t got a plan B,they sussed us out in the championship and sides are beginning to suss us out this season

  2. I’m not sure I agree, the one thing I’ve really enjoyed about watching Lee Bowyers teams is how he’s able to see what’s going wrong and correct it during the match by changing formation, whether that’s 4 across the midfield, a diamond formation or going 3 at the back. If we look at the run of games before the international break, I think some of the results flattered us, the only games I thought we looked convincing were against Portsmouth and Northampton, most of the other were marginal wins with the opposition playing better than us! So going into the Gillingham game I think our position and run of form flattered us a bit. We are now seeing a more accurate picture of where we are in terms of progress and league position. We shouldn’t forget, the signings we made after the take-over, were made on an extremely tight budget and, with the exception of one or two players, they are league one quality with many not being anywhere near match fit. Add to that the injuries to the entire central defence and of course we are going to struggle.

    This may all sound a bit negative but fear not, my personal view is Lee and our coaching team are excellent at preparing and putting teams out to win matches, the fact that we don’t have a recognized central defender fit at present must have had a big impact on his choice of formation.

    Once our central defense takes shape and becomes consistent and Marcus Maddison is fully fit I think we have more than enough quality in players like Gunter, Matthews, Maatsen, Famewo, Pearce, Morgan, Williams, Shinnie, Maddison, Doughty, JFC & Chuks Aneke to get promoted….we do, however, need to establish who our most effective front 2 are!!

    We can do this just be a little more patient! Trev

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