Scott Fraser looked like Maradona

Whilst the Burton game reminded us all of Scunthorpe away, last night reminded me of a cold night at The Valley a few years ago against Oldham where we made them look like Barcelona. We lost 1-0 then and I think Oldham still got relegated and we reached the play offs. So let us not despair, we are still in a good place in the table and if we can get a regular centre half pairing back, such as Famewo and Pearce and or Inniss that will make a huge difference. There also seems to be radio silence on JFC who was playing the best football of his career and whose midfield energy last night would have been a big help. We were overrun and dominated last night in the middle of the park.

As it was, that Scott Fraser from MK was absolutely brilliant. He completely ran the game and frankly, if they had some decent strikers MK would have won the game comfortably.

It is impossible not to worry about our strikers. I know Bow tries to big them up because what else can he do and that’s his job but its obvious that we seriously lack firepower. Omar reminds me very much of Izale Mcleod, which I’m sorry to say isn’t a good thing. Izale’s big problem was that when the ball went up to him and he tried to trap it, it bounced off a part of his body in the wrong direction and he surrendered possession. Unless Omar can improve his hold up play and control, I cant see him having a role in the team past January.

Lastly, Lee has always been very sure footed in his PR with the fans but he well and truly put his foot in his mouth last night with the comments about the fans. I’m not sure that Lee is a bloke who does apologies but I think it would be sensible if he did. The people who went last night were the absolute diehards, apart from risking a dose of COVID when they could have stayed safe at home, they also risked hypothermia from sitting in the freezing cold for up to 4 hours. They were rewarded with a dreadful performance. I’m sure we all realise the players were trying hard and didn’t mean it to be terrible …….but Lee, mate, …… was absolutely terrible.

8 thoughts on “Scott Fraser looked like Maradona

  1. I think and hope that Bowyers outburst about negativity of die-hard fans last night was a spur of the moment knee jerk reaction to an abysmal performance by his team.It’s very unlike him to have a pop at the supporters that have stood behind him,the team and the club over the debacle of the last few years.He must have been frustrated and disappointed at the lack lustre performance when he knows the players can do so much better and i’m sure an apology of sorts to the fans will be forthcoming.
    In the meantime,onwards and upwards and go all out for 3 points at Shrewsbury.We have not suddenly become a bad side,so lets count it as a blip on our journey to promotion.

    Greg Brown….A Yorkshire Addick

  2. Yeah but your are 4th n iss thanks to King Lee ourn are where they are. You’d expect fans goin to get behind the team thass wot I would do but then it says a lot abahrt the types wot go dahn our gaff nahadays. I used to love goin to them midweek games under the eadlights n I support all wot King Lee as said.

  3. Bowyers mild criticism of the fans is being overblown by press and Facebook types. If you want a good atmosphere tickets should have gone on the basis who can shout down the phone the loudest (Dom Joly style), or just to anyone who has bought a ticket in the North Upper, … a good performance would have been better than both these options.
    Free tickets for the drummer please ST! ( I’ll watch on the stream- if I can get to spend my CAFC cash one day)

  4. I couldn’t go to the game last night as I live in Tier 3 (aka Kent). I was lucky enough to go to the Doncaster game and that was a poor performance by the team. I think it should be recognised that with the distancing of fans and trying to get a chant going can be a lonely and at times impossible task. I agree that the drummer would help immensely. I think the team have had a run of excellent results , which has stopped. It is unfortunate that it coincided with the return of a small number of fans on a cold night. We need to get behind Lee and the boys though. C’mon you reds!

  5. Fun fact – we’ve never beaten you away from home. The above finished 1-1. In fact our overall H2H record against Charlton is terrible. Still, we’ll get payback for you folding against Dale and relegating us one day. One day…

    • Thanks for correcting me – if it was 1-1 it shouldn’t have been because you were much better than us. I know our record against Oldham has always been good- mind you I used to love watching Alan Groves – he once beat our full back, Mick Jones, so many times, he sat on the ball in front of him at one point and dared Jones to come at him.
      He was probably the best winger I have ever seen – Good luck for your season

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