Calm Down

I know we haven’t looked great the last few games and I know it is only the 3rd division , but for heavens sake everyone, we drew a game away from home today and we are 6th in the table with a game in hand.

Without doubt the biggest problem we have is the lack of firepower up front and I’m sure Bow, JJ and Gallen know that too. I know its a big if in terms of the difficulty in acquiring a decent striker in the window, but I’m sure they are on it. When I watched the Fleetwood game a couple of weeks ago, if Lyle had been playing, he would have scored 5. Not getting that Danish guy at the last minute was a big blow.

Let’s get a proper centre half pairing back like Famewo and Pierce or Inniss and today was a good step. To be fair, I think this whole squad rotation thing in the midfield is wrong. I’d rather play Watson, Shinnie, Morgan and Williams every week if fit. I love Darren Pratley but he ought not to be first choice now and Gilbey and Maddison haven’t shown enough so far.

Up front we have no width without Smyth and whilst Washington, Bogle and Aneke all add something, none of them are going to score 20 goals this season.

As it stands we aren’t good enough to go up automatically, but its a very poor division this year, so play offs ought to be a shoo in

5 thoughts on “Calm Down

  1. Utter nonsense to say it’s a poor league. We have 1point from the last 9 against weaker teams. Ask Sunderland Portsmouth if it’s a poor league. It’s also obvious to say we need a decent scorer!!

  2. Yeah Shrewsbury aint shirks thass for sure n loss of the teams are ard to beat. Ourn are doin well but muss old onto wins n not pull ahrt of tackles. Less get another win goin, fans not goin to the games cos all they do is boo n be negative then ourn can win again n again.

  3. Good article, I think our winning run before the international break was simply a ‘false dawn’, the results were good, but we rode our luck in the majority of those games and our performances were average. We’ve brought-in a lot of average players late, some not fit and others not to the standard we have been used to. I agree with your comments about the back four and particularly the continual rotation. A midfield of Morgan, Williams, Shinny and Watson………..must be one of the best in this league, so much natural talent, but they do need to be in the right formation and be playing regularly. The pairing of Pratley and Watson, they are too similar, too many sideways passes and both lacking speed, although I’ve seen enough of Maddison to believe he is Championship level, he needs time but I’m not sure he will ever be Lee Bowyers cup of tea. I also agree with your comments about the front two…..Unless we bring a proper striker in during the window, then I think it’s going to be the play-offs at best, but given all the turmoil at the start of the season………..would that be too bad and even if we don’t make it this year, this is a long term plan and with two transfer windows to come, I have no doubt next year will be automatic promotion…..that is if we can keep Lee Bowyer that long!

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