How do Charlton escape the Gordian Knot ?

Lee Bowyer reaffirmed the point today that even though we now have proper financial backing, we aren’t allowed to use it because of the League 1 salary cap. Only at Charlton can we manage to get ourselves relegated from the Premiership the season before they hugely increased the TV money and the Parachute payments and now we are stuck in League 1 with the money to escape but without the chance of using it.

Recognising that in my lifetime it has always taken us 3 seasons to get out of this Division, even though that is 2 seasons too long, we have generally done that by buying better players than the other teams and now we can’t even do that. The disadvantage will be amplified next season because whoever gets relegated from the Championship will effectively have an immediate ‘parachute’ type advantage with a squad of higher paid ((and therefore probably better players). If you combine that with one of the newly promoted from Div 2 teams having a real winning momentum – think Lincoln or Wycombe before them, it further reduces our chances of promotion.

Presumably next season we will have to reshuffle the pack again but rely once again on free transfers, young player loans and the odd academy breakthrough. I am grateful for Thomas’s takeover and I still feel generally optimistic but despite our new found financial stability, I’m not sure our chances of getting promoted have increased at all.

Finally, I am astonished that the players union, the PFA, actually allowed the salary cap to go through without protest. They have effectively allowed the EFL to limit what their members earn despite the opportunity provided by clubs like Charlton with bigger crowds and better resources to pay more. Jimmy Hill who broke the maximum wage regulations will be turning in his grave.

One thought on “How do Charlton escape the Gordian Knot ?

  1. Yeah but iss better there paid less, I’d like to see more go to the cleanin staff n caterin dahn our gaff who are on minimum wage n 0 our contracts. Players earn to much nahadays n aint loyal to clubs so them gettin less aint a bad thing.

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