East Stand Block F Abusers

Ive been going to Charlton for over 50 years and it was lovely to get back there yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed the game. What I didn’t enjoy was a bloke and his ‘lady’ sitting close by, probably Row T, who spent the entire game ( and I mean the entire game ) abusing the Wimbledon goalie and the referee and the odd Wimbledon player. I totally understand that football is an emotional release for people, particularly in the current hyper stress times and over the years Ive thrown a few F’s around at Charlton games and I’m not averse to industrial language particularly with my mates or in the pub.

BUT, these two were unable to string a sentence together that didn’t have f—k or c—t or indeed other derivations that ended in —ing or —-ed . In truth, there weren’t really any other words in their sentences apart from f—k or c—t . Somewhat incredibly, the Wimbledon goalie who had been their principal target for his time wasting all game remained on their swear list even after he’d kindly shipped 5 goals earning rants like ‘ not wasting time now you f—king, c—ting c—t’

I guess the irony of it all is that neither the Wimbledon goalie or the ref would have heard any of this tedious bile but we had it rammed in our ears for 94 minutes.

I suppose I am a bit old fashioned in this respect but women swearing and regularly using the c—t word wouldn’t be on my list of ladies I’d want to take home to meet mum ? Thankfully I didn’t notice any small kids around us yesterday but if I was taking my wife or son or daughter or grandchildren I would have been horrified.

Anyway, I really hope they go back to wherever they came next time and not Block F or they shut the F—K UP

6 thoughts on “East Stand Block F Abusers

  1. Shockin, I would ban them from our gaff wot abahrt if kids n families were nearby they don’t want to ear it all game. When I eard racist abuse in NL I complained to the club that shut the abusive racist up, juss as well cos I wasn’t the only one who complained. But it aint right they can get away with abuse n swearin every other word. Less get them ahrt for good or let the club tell them where to get off.

  2. Totally agree with you….banter is fine…I would be embarrassed if my grand children were subjected to the c and f words….

  3. Hi,
    I was fascinated to read your article,concerning bad language etc

    About twenty years ago or so,I went with two of my daughters and a girlfriend at the time ,to see Aston Villa play our boys.
    I can’t remember the exact date but it would have been a Saturday in September,
    We were in the away supporters enclosure,and there was a foursome sitting close by, not many supporters there at all

    The language of the male part of the foursome, was exactly as you described.It was a continuous loud drone of the C..t and f..k word

    Highly enbarrasing for my little group and boring,most boring and repetitive.
    It lasted the whole match ,

    the two men never let up and their girlfriends didn’t seem to bat an eyelid

    Oh yes the match,we had a goal dissallowed when two Villa players ran into each and the ball trickled into the net.we were also denied a blatant penalty.I also recall that we had a very suspect Right Full back on the day,who I believe was Anthony Barness

    We lost the match

    Happy days

    The bad mouth gang that you encountered we probably part of the same bunch,I met twenty years earlier


    Richard Partos

  4. Just one of the reasons I won’t buy a season ticket unless the ground starts to sell out. Had one youth shouting “VAR” 3-4times after every incidence- not foul language but incredibly tedious for 90 mins plus. The joke gets little thin by then, and lacking in imagination.

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