Angry Albury

I switched off my Valley Pass on 80 minutes at 2-1 up and said to my wife – we’ve just decided to bring on more defenders – it never works – we will drop 10 yards, invite pressure and concede an equaliser from a penalty, corner or free kick. I then tuned into LiveScore at 16.57 to witness the inevitable.

Swindon were truly awful in every respect and will make a swift return to Division 4, but we still couldn’t find a way to beat them. I’m definitely not Nostradamus but if I can see it , I’m not sure I understand why Lee decides to defend deep when a) we don’t need to and b) it never seems to work.

I really don’t buy this thing about ‘anyone can beat anyone in this division’ nonsense. Basically that’s only true because the teams are all so awful. There isn’t a team in the Division this year who are anywhere near as good as Luton, Barnsley and our team when we went up together. Nevertheless, we struggle to beat even the poorest teams in this division.

Given that apparently we cant really change the team apart from the arrival of Ronnie Schwarz to replace Omar Bogle ( how on earth did he miss that chance before half time) and we don’t yet know if Schwarz is any good, then we will need to smarten up on the tactics with the same squad if we are to get in the Top 6.

As an aside, I don’t think Ive ever seen a footballer who is as one sided as Maddison. He only does left and nothing but left, his left foot is a wand but his right side is purely for swivelling on. He is very talented but predictable. He wouldn’t be a starter in my team.

9 thoughts on “Angry Albury

  1. I agree with your article again.
    You know your football.
    Too negative by LB again.
    Not to bring on Williams after last weeks performance was criminal
    I am a LB supporter but even has to step up better.
    Not good enough.

  2. Yes playing deep is a very negative perspective and only invites problems , they should keep up the pressure on the other side , pity !!

  3. Same as Shrewsbury
    Same as I can’t remember how many times last season
    Definition of insanity – doing the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result
    Lee mate it don’t work, plan is to win the league right, not take off two midfielders for two defenders against the dross of this farmers league – woeful

  4. Criminal keeping Williams off after MOM last week…as for Bogle cant wait for Scwartz to come in and keep Bogle off as he misses too many easy chances…we should have buried Swindon with at least 3 more goals….LB stop this pack the defence mentality mate its killing us!!

  5. I’m a big fan of Lee, but not for the first time his tactics have cost us points again. Swindon never looked like scoring, so why put on two more defenders. Why no Williams off the bench and go for another goal instead of defending for 20 minutes. Ridiculous, it never worked before, so why do it again. Sorry Lee, this result is down to you, learn from it.

  6. Maddison would always start in mine, e works a bit of magic. Swindon aint pushovers, King Lee got ourn up lass time n knows wot e’s doin.

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