Lacking Legs in the middle

If you look back to the team that got us promoted 2 seasons ago we had Cullen ( 32 apps) and Bielik (34 apps) and Lapslie ( yes him !) ( 32 Apps) controlling the middle and some other young legs with Morgan (16 Apps), Fosu (30 Apps), Aribo ( 39 apps). We had youth and energy.

Thinking about the current midfield, it doesn’t compare does it? I like Watson, he is the quarterback or conductor of the team but he is old and the rest of the midfield isn’t that great, Levitt has proved a disappointment and we’ve let Lapslie go, Morgan seldom plays and whilst I like JFC and Williams, I don’t think either of them would have been first choice in 2018/19. We lack real energy and midfield control and therefore invite pressure onto our current ageing back 4.

We are certainly missing Famewo and Innis and had they been available we would have been in the Top 2 by now because the Division is so poor.

Apart from the lack of another proven striker, we need a younger energetic central midfielder. We are still in a very good position and hopefully the window will be fruitful

3 thoughts on “Lacking Legs in the middle

  1. Your spot as you are every week..!
    Need to bring some of the young guys back giving energy and pace.
    The standard of football in this division is so poor.
    Half decent team could walk it.

  2. Noticed that our opponents in the last two games have gone with a 3 5 2 lineup and that has created problems for Charlton attackers. Maybe LB needs to mix up his format to avoid line up format to avoid predictability – keep the opposition guessing.

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