Playing the (De) Pressing game

Another shocker today unfortunately. You really have to sympathise with Lee having lost his first choice centre halves, ( Inniss and Famewo), first choice midfielder ( Shinnie) and first choice striker ( Aneke). It’s going to be a lot harder. However Hull were another dreadfully poor 3rd division side who decided that there wasn’t much point in trying to play football or even have the ball because they could wait for us to make characteristic cock ups.

It was interesting that in Curbs analysis of their first goal, he correctly pointed out that Gunter went too early on the overlap which left us completely exposed whereas Lee blamed Maatsen’s intercepted pass.

I know we have decided to play the possession pressing game. That’s our style, but it seems to me that its probably not well suited to an ageing back 4 or 5 who are very susceptible to any teams who break with pace. Often after oodles of passes mostly across our back 4 on the halfway line, someone in the middle or up front loses possession, the opposition hoof it down the middle or sides and we end up conceding. Surely, if you are going to play a pressing game, you’ve got to have a really quick centre half or even full back who covers for the others. I’m not sure Lee’s tactics suit the players he has available to him.

We can only hope we’ve got some decent players coming in now because this team looks woefully short of being promotion contenders.

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