Ronnie & Patience

Delighted that we have finally signed Ronnie Schwartz who has an excellent goal scoring record. Lets hope he stays injury free and gets a good run in the team to convert the chances which we have tended to be missing. It sounds like Liam Millar from Liverpool should be joining too.

Listening to Steve Sutherland’s excellent Part 3 Podcast with Peter Varney yesterday, I was reminded that we need to be more patient with Lee and this team. Peter knows a thing or two about building winning football teams, having been CEO in the glory days of the Premiership and also instrumental in putting together the 101 points winning League 1 team.

He makes the point in the podcast that in reality Lee had so little time this close season to put a team together and it followed on from a position where administration was only avoided by a hairs breadth because of Thomas Sandgaard’s timely arrival that our most realistic outcome this season was always to avoid a further drop into League 2.

I was rather surprised that Peter felt it was likely to be that bad, but he is a bloke to listen to. I know we are all impatient for success and this division is very depressing but I think we all need to be more patient- including me !!

If we cant get behind the boys in person , lets try to be more supportive on social media- I am definitely going to try harder !!!

2 thoughts on “Ronnie & Patience

  1. Totally agree Albury. It does surprise me when the knives come out after a few bad performances, especially after such a strong run not a few weeks ago with a largely fully fit squad.
    I’d have taken top half before these two great new signings today and yesterday. Play offs may just be achievable with a couple more and a lot of luck on injuries.
    I appreciate your blog and felt the need to respond, (for the first time today).

  2. Some folk seem easily pleased. There was, or at least should have been, one target this season, promotion.
    Wallowing around in League one is way below where a club like Charlton should be.
    Bowyer has brought the criticism upon himself with his ridiculous negative tactics, playing people out of position and publicly slaughtering individuals.
    If the club is to progress he needs to quickly change his ideas. If isn’t up to it he should be replaced.
    I hope Thomas Sangaard is more ambitious than some of our fans.

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