Overthinking the game

We were excellent today although given the amount of chances we had, we probably should have scored 6. We played well in all departments. Deji and JFC were imperious and pretty much everyone else played well too. Omar is what you might call ‘enigmatic’ and certainly caused trouble when he came on and created a number of chances. Millar, Maatsen and Matthews played well. The whole team put a shift in.

I guess my reflection is that we look a lot better now that we are playing a left back at left back, a right back at right back, a centre half at centre half and so on. I think sometimes managers overthink games and formations.

Given the available players we have and injuries permitting, I think we should be playing a conventional 4-4-2 every week and playing the players in their normal most comfortable positions. We are playing in the 3rd division not the Champions League.

Anyway, well done to Lee and the boys, lets have a repeat on Tuesday please

8 thoughts on “Overthinking the game

  1. Spot on. I often think some of the best managers stumble upon formations by way of injuries/suspensions . What sets them apart is that they stick with it. Never a dull moment watching Charlton.

  2. Yeah well ourn were winnin loss of games in the 5-3-2 formation n all but wotever the set up the defenders ave to do their jobs cos solid defendin leads to wins. juss ask Curbs n e knew wot e was doin. King Lee is still learnin ow to change games up.

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  4. It’s what us so called “bedwetters” have been begging for. Play your best available team in their best positions.
    On Tuesday we’ll see if Bowyer has really learnt.

  5. Wouldn’t mind another trip to Wembley in the summer if I survive Covid
    73 years young 67 of them a Charlton fan!

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