Schoolboy Errors

I thought we played very well in the 1st half and even in the 2nd half, Peterborough could have played until Christmas and not scored such was our control of the game ……oh wait – what happened there …….oh wait what happened there again.

The centre halves and notably Jason Pearce will come in for criticism again, but its a shame because up until the catastrophic error between the 2 of them Clarke Harris hadn’t had a look in. Over the last 10 games or so, we have been literally giving goals away like Christmas presents. Peterborough didn’t create either of their goals, we did.

Admittedly we didn’t create a huge amount at the other end, but I’m confident that without the first big cock up we would have gone on and won 2 or 3 nil.

Millar and Smyth look lively and get in great positions but their final cross or pass is too often poor and we desperately miss a fit top drawer striker because we miss so many good chance to score. We daren’t speak his name, but Lyle Taylor in this team would have been on 20 goals by now this season.

I didn’t like the blizzard of substitutions, it disrupted the team too much. Finally, a very strange comment from Lee about a mysterious new player who would have played had we have been quick enough to sign him – what on earth was that about ??

6 thoughts on “Schoolboy Errors

  1. I think that continuity is wanted.
    Play your best team from the start, not bring them on when we are chasing the game and they have parked the proverbial bus.
    With taking them off and putting them on, I doubt if they play ninety minutes a week.
    Except for the old man Pratley, who seems to play every minute that he is available for.
    Why not the others.

  2. Shame it was not a 45 minute match, we would have gone home with the three points.
    We tend to switch off far too easy at the back, hence the leaking of so many goals. I like Deji but not with Pearce alongside him, asking for trouble. Shame that Matthews and Purrington are being overlooked, as they can defend far better when the pressure is on. Come on you REDS lets take this league more seriously and try and get back into the Championship.

  3. Yeah ourn were in charge first arf n played some good football but shockin defendin juss shockin for the 2 goals theirn scored.

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