Alfie’s going where ?

Am I the only person who can’t really understand why Alfie is choosing to go to Stoke. Yes, I know he is out of contract at the end of the season and won’t sign another one, but wouldn’t it be more sensible for all parties if he signs another contract with Charlton, gets paid more, plays a few games until the end of the season and if we don’t get promoted then leaves for a slighter bigger transfer fee with a choice of suitors in the Summer.

This whole deal smacks of a rush up the aisle because the bride (Alfie) is pregnant (injured) and her old man (his agent) has got a shotgun.

I don’t have anything against Stoke, but I don’t suppose it was on Alfie’s Top 10 list of life choice destinations was it? Its the only place in the UK where I’ve seen a race riot and I actually had to drive through the middle of it.

It all seems a bit sad that we can’t compete- hopefully temporarily – with a team like Stoke. Even with a month or so out of Alfie, they aren’t likely to go up and with a bit of luck and consistency we will be playing at the same level again next year with a proper owner and proper Championship budget.

11 thoughts on “Alfie’s going where ?

  1. Beswicks Sports Ltd are his agents. Based in Stoke-On-Trent…loads of Stoke players on their books. Once, while getting into a taxi there the previous passenger, whilst getting out, booted me in the head. No words or looks were exchanged prior to the assault. He didn’t even laugh! Odd, testosterone fueled, love a short-sleeved pastel shirt in the middle of winter type of place. Agent has a shotgun or is a bloody good salesman.

  2. the reason for him choosing Stoke is not only linked to his agent but the fact that they have just the same chance of promotion as do Charlton but for them it could be the Premier League. My choice if I was lucky enough to be in his position would have been Bournemouth who were one of the other options supposedly and with just as much chance of getting to the “promised land” as Stoke. The owners of Stoke (the family that own Bet365 amongst other things) are extremely wealthy, if not more wealthy than TS.

  3. What a great shame that yet another of our very talented academy kid’s want to get away from the club that taught them all they wanted to learn. It’s not as if he is destined for the Premier League. Stoke are just plain average Championship side. These so-called football agents put themselves first before their client’s interest. I would have liked Alfie to have got promotion with Charlton as his value in the Championship would be far higher. Onwards and upwards such is the modern game of football.

  4. Stoke City are backed by the biggest online betting organisation. Two or three Billionaires involved.! The richest club in Europe at this level. It’s impossible to cempete with them.

      • Stoke came down and spent £51m in the first season that didnt go to plan. The next season they spent heavily but not wisely and it was worse, still have several players on Premier league money, ie Allen, Wimmer, Bauer, Ndiaye and prev Butland.,,,FFP has kicked in and the players bar Allen are stopping any spending due to they’re still here playing in reserves .tieing up the money..that’s reality of relegation, and yes the Coates family are filthy rich and Stoke are blessed that they are die hard fans as well , not in it for the money…..last family wealth was around £7.4 B.. during lockdown they paid all their staff up to august at bet 365 and Denise donated £10m to local hospital, that;s what they are like.

  5. I would like Alfie to stay and sign a new contract but if he will not and as he is a free agent end of
    season,then I believe it’s in Cafc best interest to cash in now.£600,000 plus would go a long way to the team purchasing kitty,

  6. Yeah well football is all abahrt the money n money talks, aint no loyalty nahadays from players n the juss go up the gravy train, thass all there is to it.

  7. Alfie isn’t fit, he won’t be fit until the season is nearly done. He won’t sign a new contract. Selling him now is a result and it frees up some money for new player(s) this transfer window.

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