Two Drunken Sailors

I know I’m not supposed to enjoy these games and like everyone else I’d rather win 1-0, but is there anyone out there who, when we went 2-0 down, didn’t think, so what, we’ll probably come back and score 2 or 3 or however many.

Watching Charlton games at the moment is like watching 2 drunken sailors having a punch up throwing haymaker after haymaker and leaving their chins defenceless. It’s highly entertaining and a barrel of laughs.

In terms of what went wrong this time – I think we remain far too open in the middle. JFC was great again and Pratley tries hard , but we need Shinnie or Morgan there. Williams is likeable but he is luxury player and I’d keep him on the bench with Maddison ( or let him go in this window). I know everyone is clamouring for another centre half , but if we cant get one, the back 4 needs more protection.

We have so many attacking players when we go forward, they almost get in each other’s way.

Anyway, it was good fun , here’s to another 2-2, 3-3 or 4-4 on Tuesday or just maybe a 5-4 to us

6 thoughts on “Two Drunken Sailors

  1. Yeah but ourn can’t ang abahrt, Iss defendin again n ourn are struggling to draw games let alone with them. Thass why iss back to keepin clean sheets n nickin goals cos until ourn get a run goin, they aint goin anywhere on ere.

  2. If we did not have a strike-force to get us out of trouble every game we could easily be in the position that Swindon are currently in, facing League Two and not the Championship where we all want to be. Ian Maatsen is now on the injured list so who slots in at Left Back! Bowyer is not keen on playing Purrington any more, so why keep him on the bench.

    • Purrington wasn’t on the bench yesterday. He seems to be Bowyers fall-guy in an all round poor defence.
      Never mind, all together now. Famewo and Innis will be back soon…………………..maybe, possibly, perhaps.

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