Darren the Magnificent

Well a 1-0 win , that’s a bit of a surprise isn’t it ? We all expected a 4-3 or a 3-2. It was a rearguard action in the second half and it wasn’t good for the blood pressure.

I have to say – how good was Darren Pratley ?? He was outstanding, you can understand why Lee has his name on every team sheet. I know he’s getting old and he lacks a bit of pace and you’d rather he didn’t get in their box too often, but he is a warrior, he leads by example. He was just brilliant tonight completely dominating Fraser ( Curb’s Jackson hehe) and virtually all of their other midfield players too.

He must be the fittest bloke at the club – whatever his fitness regime is or indeed whatever performance enhancing drugs he is taking ( only kidding Darren ) – can we all have some please

Well done Darren, Liam Millar too and some welcome relief for Bow

Stick Darren in the ice bath until Saturday morning and unleash him on Pompey

2 thoughts on “Darren the Magnificent

  1. Thass juss wot I eard abahrt Darren n all n good goal from Millar. We aint got much firepower but solid defendin thass wot wins ourn games, juss ask King Curbs. Do yourn all watch it on the valley pass cos thass wot I’m thinkin of doin seein ourn n iss only 10 quid n all.

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